My thoughts on what is happening in the nation

My thoughts on what is happening in the nation

Over the last few days I have been touring the north/midlands and have been hearing different things, so I thought I would try to put down what I think is happening, based upon the definitions on the last few posts – for what it is worth!
The most noticeable event is Cwmbran, where there have been healings and salvations since April 10th. Outside of Cwmbran I have heard that there are stirrings in Sunderland, Middlesborough, Bootle and Widnes. I am very excited, perhaps I can stop recording past moves of God and start recording current ones.
The most developed ‘stirring’ is of course Cwmbran, but what is it? – this is a question I keep getting asked. In my opinion Cwmbran is not an awakening; it is not a sovereign move of God. The atmosphere of heaven has not invaded the surrounding area – yet! What I think it is an anointed evangelist/revivalist being used by God as an anointed evangelist/revivalist. I would say that the other stirrings I have heard about are the same, although I should emphasise that I have not been to any of the others. Undoubtedly God is doing something, because said revivalists are moving in more anointing than usual, but it is not the awakening we are longing for.
What I would like to flag up is the danger that those ministries that are being blessed by God in more healings and more salvations; will be satisfied with what they have and not press in for more. It is the awakening that we need to press in for.
Praise God for what is going on. I am very excited and am expecting to hear of more ‘stirrings’ all the time.

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