Why does Revival happen 2/2

Why does Revival happen 2/2

What I believe Charles Finney did not understand is that some people (including him) carry a strong revivalist/evangelist anointing. This means that people with this anointing can come to a church, the presence of God will come and people will be saved, but that is not an awakening. George Jeffreys (1889-1962), the founder of Elim, carried this anointing. He would hire a hall in a town for a week or so, then he would preach to however many came. The word would go round the town and many would come to his meetings and many would be saved. He would then establish a church of those newly saved and then move on to the next place. George was saved in the first weeks of the Welsh Revival in 1904, but most of his ministry was during a time when there was not a revival atmosphere over the nation.
The difference between ministering under a revival atmosphere and ministering under a revival anointing; is that under a revival atmosphere the awakening does not leave when the leader leaves. Generally speaking (please note that I have to speak in generalities all the time, because I cannot possibly have read every account of revival in the UK), when George Jeffreys left a town, the anointing went with him. In an awakening the presence of God moves out over an area and remains until the Lord decides to withhold it.

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