UK Wells

UK Wells

My job in the Body of Christ has been to pray open the ‘wells’ in the UK.

Although it was not something God asked me to do, I felt that doing all this research without recording it would be a waste. So I set up a website,, to record all the information I found. I thought that people in future generations would want to research the same information at some point, so if I put everything I discovered onto a website, then future generations could build on what I have done, rather than having to ‘re-dig the wells’.

There are around 3,000 entries on my website, recording the exact place where revivals have happened in the UK or where incidences have taken place in the lives of famous revivalists. There are also some 40 biographies of people like John Wesley. As well as being able to see the place where the revival happened, there will be attached to the site whatever account I have found describing what took place. There are also accounts of our spiritual heritage.

Much of what I post here in the months ahead can be found in more detail on the website.

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