How I Was Called to Revival (Part 3 of 3)

How I Was Called to Revival (Part 3 of 3)

When God calls you to do something my advice to you is DO IT!


Soon after the Lord asked me to pray over the ‘wells’, I had a phone call from my brother to say that his business was in trouble and could I come and help him. I am/was an accountant, and I worked for my brother three days a week for some years. When I asked the Lord what He wanted of me, I gave up working for my brother, to give the Lord space for Him to use me. Because I loved my brother, I went back to work for him for a short time, but at the end of my time with him I did not return to the work God had given me to do. I do not remember any particular reason why I ignored God’s instructions, but the fact is I did.

It was about four years later that I got a phone call from one of our leading intercessors, who knew what God had asked me to do, asking me where the ‘wells’ were in the nation. I suppose the Lord had told her to contact me, to give me a kick up the… Well it worked. As soon as I heard her question, I was filled with remorse and from that second I have been trying to complete the task God has given me.

To be honest, I am fed up doing the research. However, had I obeyed God in the first place, the research would all be over by now!

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