Something is happening in Shropshire

Something is happening in Shropshire

Sunday week ago a visiting speaker went to a church in Shropshire – he was excited and expectant because he had never preached in a building where there had been a big revival before. On the Saturday he was speaking to a prophetic friend who saw him walking across a field, and coming to an ancient well which had been filled in, he took his staff and struck the well with the result that water poured out. He immediately went into a wood and cutting out a suitable branch he fashioned a staff.

As it happens there were two young Americans visiting for two weeks; young men who go out on the streets to love people, heal them through the power of Holy Spirit and then lead them to Jesus. One of them led the worship at the meeting, bring people into the presence. The speaker spoke on four aspects of revival – Travailing Prayer, Baptism of Fire, Testimony and Evangelism – and then he struck the ground with the staff to open the well. He then struck the floor again and the staff broke in two, he then stopped. However, one of the church leaders, a seer, told him to continue striking the ground. She said that at the first strike she felt cool water rising up around her, and the breaking of the staff was the old being broken off. She said that he needed to strike the ground once more to seal what was happening. She said she was seeing loads of angels and some were dancing with joy at what was happening.

During ministry the Americans prayed for healing – several were healed and there was one salvation. At the end of the meeting the pastor stood up and announced that as from Wednesday there would be nightly meetings.

During last week’s meetings the well got deeper. One of the leaders texted after yesterday’s (Sunday’s) meetings – ‘Strong spirit of repentance tonight – packed hall – salvations – recommitments – much weeping – transformation and healings. At least 50 testimonies.’ There have been 15-20 salvations.

Something is happening in Shropshire!

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