I posted two days ago about meetings in Shropshire; these meetings took place at House of Prayer, Wellington.

There was another meeting last night; people were getting healed during the worship. One of the pastor’s testified as follows:

“In the middle of worship, the presence of God is really strong,  this lady walks in, it is her first time ever in church. She actually came because someone from the church just loved on her in the street a couple of times. She was so touched by that, she decided to come to church. She had an amazing touch from God, ended up on the floor under the Holy Spirit and got up a completely different woman. Now that  was amazing in itself, but as she is on the floor receiving ministry, having a life transformation, her taxi is waiting downstairs. The driver is wondering where she is, and a guy who walks past from the pub, says he knows where the House of Prayer is and he comes upstairs to get her. He has never been in church before and he walks in and sees her having ministry on the floor  with the Holy Spirit and he decides to wait. Five  minutes later he is saved, he is healed, he is filled with the Holy Spirit; he is blinking, saying ‘I do not even know why I am here’. He keeps saying ‘I feel different, I feel new, I feel brand new’. It was amazing how full of love and full of God he was.”



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