I saw a person stood in the middle of a freshly ploughed field,
He held out his hand and in the palm of his hand was a small seed.

I heard the voice of the Lord say-
It is time, send forth my seed into the earth!

As I watched I saw three men step out of the first man,

The first of the three flung the seed halfheartedly and it fell to the ground a short distance in front of him and it died, this man saw no harvest.

I then saw a second man step forward he threw his seed a little harder but he still clearly lacked conviction,
this seed was also lost and again there was no harvest,

I then saw a third man step forth, he took the seed and ran as fast as his feet would carry him and he let out a great shout as he threw the seed with all his might.

The moment the seed hit the ground rain clouds above the man broke out and it began to rain down thousands of seed all over the field until it was fully sown, in an instant each seed grew into another man and these men also each had a seed and they to threw it with all their might and again the process was repeated until the whole earth field was covered,

I asked the Lord the meaning of the vision he said-

The seed is the lives of my people and the field is my Kingdom purposes

The first two men saw no harvest, for my Kingdom doesn’t receive or grow that which is born out of halfheartedness and indifference,

The third man saw an abundant harvest, for he threw himself wholeheartedly into my Kingdom purpose to see my glory cover the earth as the waters cover the sea.

It is time for my people to repent of their indifference and halfheartedness, it is time for my people to abandon themselves afresh and give themselves in fullness.

The time of harvest is upon you, the time of my outpourings is upon you, the field is ready will you surrender yourself into my hand unconstitutionally and allow me the throw you into the world?

I have called many but few indeed shall be chosen!

My eye is upon this land seeking the burning ones, the abandoned ones!

Will you be one of my chosen ones will you answer the call and throw yourself into my Kingdom plan

Answer the call! be the third man!

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