I have recently been thinking a great deal about Testimony, prompted by a comment made by Cindy Jacobs. She told me that I needed to print out my website. At first, I thought this was a daft comment as I estimated it would be about 6,000 pages! The problem when you are with Prophets is that you do not know when they are speaking prophetically. I should have realised that Cindy was speaking to me prophetically.

A couple of days later I was reminded by a Welsh pastor that when the leader of the Great Awakening in Wales, Daniel Rowland, died, all his papers were sent to the Countess of Huntingdon to be made into a biography. However, she died soon after and all the papers were lost. In one swoop the enemy destroyed the testimony of a man who led seven revivals in his village; was possibly the greatest preacher we have ever known in the United Kingdom and who was at the centre of Revival in Wales for about 50 years. The only record we really have remaining about him is in the Journals of Howell Harris.

I told Cindy about this, and she commented again that I needed to print out my website. The penny then dropped – she wanted the testimonies that I had written about to always be available…

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