Our Heroes

Our Heroes

I have been noticing that my ‘Hero of the Month’ is being read by many fewer people than my other posts. I find this disappointing, because I have included them for a reason. I was reminded of this reason two weeks ago when someone prophesied over me. The word was ‘The Lord has given you the responsibility to honour past generations’.  I have been trying to do this through my website over the past seven years.

It is so important for us to have heroes these days. The heroes of our culture are film stars and other personalities, whose only claim to fame is their looks. As Christians we have incredible heroes to honour and emulate. Most of my Christian life I have been motivated to press on towards the goal through reading the life stories of people like John Wesley and William Wilberforce. We can learn so much from the lives of these men and women; these heroes of the faith. I have recently moved into a new home and have put the portraits of five of our heroes in my stairwell. John Wesley, George Whitefield, Elizabeth Fry, William Booth and William Wilberforce look down on me every morning as I come downstairs to start the day. They inspire me as I set out to each day to try to extend God’s Kingdom here on earth.

These heroes have changed our nation and we need to study their lives to get an understanding of how we can do the same. It saddens me that some of the graves of these heroes are in a terrible state. We need to honour them, not forget them. I have written around forty biographies of theese men and women on They are generally 10-15 pages long, so can be read quite quickly.

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