Have we lost the art of evangelism? Have we stopped telling our neighbours about Jesus, about the Good News?

I believe that we have and that this is one of the reasons why we have not seen an awakening for so many, many years. John Wesley had certain standing orders for his ministers – one was:

You have nothing to do but save souls. Therefore spend and be spent in this work…it is not your business to preach so many times, and to take care of this or that Society, but to save as many souls as you can.’

How many ministers do you see doing this today? During the 18th and 19th centuries ministers used to regularly go from house to house to tell people about Jesus. The Jehovah Witnesses knock on doors – why don’t we?

However, maybe things are changing; here is a report from my pastor friend in Leicester from last week.

‘Over this last week we have made a major push in outreach ministry to our city of Leicester. The main focus has been on finding houses of peace based on Jesus’ teaching.

To be honest I was not keen on the idea as most of us have encountered Jehovah’s Witnesses knocking our doors and we have heard the negative response most give. This week however has been eye opening – at least 30 people went out every day last week, knocking on doors and offering prayer. To my surprise the response has been far from closed, literally hundreds of unchurched people have been prayed for and several have opened their homes to talk more about the reality of God’s love.

The first door I knocked on was opened by a young man, probably in his late teens; we offered to pray for him and he claimed to have no faith to speak of, the Lord however saw fit to give me a word of knowledge that resulted in opening him up to receive God’s love. We were out for just over an hour and did not have one negative response. It seems there is a great openness for the Church right now and we must be good stewards and get out there and bring the Kingdom of God to people’s doorsteps.’

I believe that the atmosphere is ripe to talk to people about Jesus. The Lord is moving in our nation, we need to recognise that and step into the opportunity He is giving to us. As Cindy Jacobs said to me in May – ‘It is harvest time!’. We have a window of opportunity; let’s take it.

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