I am excited to say that I believe that a new move of God has begun in our nation. I believe that this is the beginning of what we have been longing for.
There is currently a move of God going on in San Diego, under the ministry of Jerame and Miranda Nelson, which I have visited twice. They have been going since January last year and have had over 400 meetings.
A little over three weeks ago the Lord told Jerame that he needed to get to England, so he contacted the pastor of Capstone Church, Ilford, who he was in relationship with and asked if he could put on a conference in 5 days time. Rakesh and Preethy Kurian are Indians who came to this nation for one purpose – Revival, so they immediately said yes.
Jerame came over and the first week’s meetings were powerful – he said that they were much more powerful than the first meetings they had in San Diego. Miranda came over for the second week and Charlie Robinson, a prophet from Canada did this week. The meetings this week went up a level.
A pastor from Preston brought down a minibus full of his congregation during the first week, and he then Livestreamed the meetings four times a week into his church and he says something has begun there.
I believe these meetings are very important for the nation. The fact that it transferred to Preston is very important.
It would be great if you could  to the meetings this week – Jerame Nelson is back this week, Wednesday-Sunday 7.00pm and then Charlie’s son, Samuel Robinson is there the following week. The meetings have been extended to the end of August.
The meetings can be viewed here

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